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 I so enjoyed my stay at Yoga Oasis and the Lomilomi Workshop, this being  the second one I have attended.   Harry you are a great Kahuna teaching from the heart. Your down to earth, matter of fact mannerism is so warm and sincere it is a pleasure being around you, and Sila is the icing on the cake! The  two of you complement each other with wonderful energy surrounding you both.

     I walked away with a different experience than the first Lomilomi class so I can see where someone would continue to gain knowledge as they repeat your workshops. The first Lomilomi workshop I took had a powerful impact on me. One was the “ I love me” teaching which was valuable to me as I realized I didn’t love myself enough, which so many of us have a u problem with. We are always so willing to do things for others but not for ourselves. A wise old Soul told me once “ Until you learn to love yourself you can never truly love another.”

     The other powerful impact in my first workshop with you Harry was when you walked into the workshop one evening stating you had a long day so let us all take a nice deep breath. I then thought we were going to go into a deep meditation, boy was I wrong! All of a sudden you let out one of your famous “belly laughs” that is so contagious the whole class turned in a roar  of laughter and I realized in a matter of seconds all stress was released. The impact was better than fifteen minutes of meditation.
     The Lomilomi workshop in Hawaii was just as powerful for me, not only did I receive the healing I needed, but I witnessed something that had and impact on me. It was when you were working on a young  gentleman next to my table Harry that I observed the young man crying and having an emotional release. You continued to work on him for a while but then Harry you started laughing and in a matter of seconds this young man started laughing also. With that you give him a pat on the shoulder and walked off with the knowing he needed some time to himself. I heard this  man afterwards breakout into laughter several times by himself. This reminded me how powerful laughter is. The transformation  I witnessed was instantaneous, but I must admit Harry when you  first started laughing I thought to myself, I could never laugh when someone is crying. Now I know after witnessing you at work how fast the high vibration  of laughter  can change grief and sadness into Joy and Peace. Thank you Harry Jim for another wonderful workshop!          MAC

                                 (For Kenton White with gratitude)

  An ocean of lovingkindness, cradled by forgiveness ~ held by this grateful heart.  Child of all that I am ~ and can be. Lomilomi, I give you my trust. Lomilomi, I give you my soul. The stone breaks open and love bleeds out, in flowing waves ~ gently at first.  I am caressed by Breath ~ until the hands of God rush in to fill me up.   And I, this small piece of all that is ~ and ever was. O Lomilomi ~ body prayer to the Highest! Blessings showered over my Spirit. True Surrender that can hold: all grief, all forgiveness, all gratitude, all longings.  See this human need ~ for Innocence ~for pure Light. May the Mother-Father hands of Love allow me to extend myself ~ in Grace and Gratitude, as Lomilomi lives and works, through me.  
                                                    ~Angelika Neumann
Ó 2007                     



The journey is all it ever….


Trusting my spirit, I ride the seventh wave


Sustained by the breath of creation life gave

Itself fully

Felt in Pu’u

Awaken. It is morning

Witness sunrise on beach that stretches lazily into forever!


Awaits the return of the surfer to shore


With gifts of good memories and more


Fresh strands of blossoms still wet with dew

Aloha, Aloha, Aloha…..Halau

This one is dedicated to the true healers of this world, with gratitude
The Keepers of the Springs


You find them in the forests green,
Amidst the moss and fern,
Keeping the sacred waters clear,
For those who seek to learn.
With healing hands and council wise,
Knowledge of herb and bloom,
Their dedication dignifies,
The mantle they assume.

The soothing song of oceans wave,
Rock softly to the shore.
In healing springs volcano born,
They share their gifts once more.
Coconut oils caress the skin,
Enlightened hands bring peace,
Through golden sunlight laughter rings,
With gentle breathe release.

You find them in the desert sands,
Within oasis green,
Ancient knowledge spun through time,
Beneath the veils are seen.
With sacred oils, exotic spice,
The parched and weary fill.
The desert healers hold their space,
With pure intent and will.

High up in mountain temples where,
The sacred waters flow.
The pilgrims come from many lands,
To watch the prayer flags blow.
The ancient wisdoms contemplate,
The sorrow and the pain,
Upon the healing meditate
And bring to peace again.

Among the Islands in the sun,
And in the jungles dark,
By secret pools of sacred spring
The old ones leave their mark.
And if by chance you ask just right,
And for good spells you pray,
They'll teach the truths you need to know,
To help you on your way.

In ancient lands where dragons breath,
Still keep the sacred fires
You'll find the old ones practice still,
The teachings of their sires.
The holy waters from their wells,
Are said to cure all pain,
Offered with blessings, prayer and hope,
Rejuvenates again.

And where the prairie grasses blow,
Sweet water hole awaits,
Where jaded travelers come by chance,
Still guided by their fates.
They find Elders camped by the springs,
The mystic and the mage,
Who share medicine from their hearts,
With sweetgrass smoke and sage.

They are the keepers of the springs,
That hold to sacred ways,
Of ancestors that teach us still,
And guide us through these days.
Sentient knowledge gleaned through time,
The faith of human kind,
These healers from all walks of life,
Mend body, soul and mind

My Experience Doing Breathwork by Pat

   I raised my hand and said, "help!" My guides entered the room as I learned to move out of the way and just " hold the space" while mu guides worked with the healer through me. It sounded too simple but through out the experience I had several clients, they to expressed a feeling of feeling lighter more relaxed and just feeling  a  generally feeling of well being. Many people spoke about how they felt nurtured, protected and safe. They felt more than my hands on them and more than just myself in the room. It truly was amazing for them as well as for me as the witness.

People were able to get in touch with emotional attachments they still had with their deceased parent and could now look at that emotion form a different perspective. They could now release the hurt and the anger and look at their deceased parent with peace and love in their heart. The tears began to flow freely as witnessed then letting go of  negative emotions that they had harbored for so long a period of time.

Throughout my experiences doing the Breathwork, along with coaching and holding the space, there were times that I thought this was all too easy and how could anyone release any feelings just by breathing! I learned that toxic memories are stored in the molecular cells and throughthe increased oxygenation of the cells, through simple rrhythmic, breathing, the person is able to release negative charges that have been stored in the  body. The person feels like they have now entered a new state of joy.


    Lomilomi Ha is an Ancient Hawaiian Technique using the breathe to connect oneself to their Higher Consciousness. Within that sacred space one can release negative emotional charges that one is holding onto and you can clear deep concepts within yourself. It is a gentle yet powerful way to assist in healing the physical, emotional, and spiritual part of your body.

 Our friends Red, Krow and Wendy have written a book called Weavers of Light..
   We would like to wish them much success in this endeavor..
  If interested in getting a copy of this book you can
or Wendy:           


I want to orbit as the planets do
Trusting in the universe to chart my course
And hold my place in time.
I want to open and receive the light the stars so graciously offer,
Fill myself,
Fulfilled with such bliss,
As our birthright IS.
I want to delight in creating living dreams,
In as many colours as my rainbow reflects,
Transforming starlight
Into life.

   by the Mad Poet


    Lomilomi is Traditional Hawaiian Touch Medicine that equates with Joy.
It means manipulation of light or ‘to shift light’.
    It is a tradition that has been passed down verbally and pictorially
through symbols in the sand for at least 20 generations, with each Kahuna
having their own lineage. In North America we think of Kahuna as a shaman,
but Kahuna is a Hawaiian verb meaning to release the secret.
    My teacher, Kahuna Harry Jim teaches that lomilomi creates sacred space
for healing and embraces humility.  In Hawaiian context humility means ‘the
emotion that is expressed by your body in the presence of your spirit.’ This
is the secret; the perfection of your own spirit, a knowing that you are
   Lomilomi can be done fully clothed, sitting, standing or laying down. The
practitioner sets their intent on making space in the body for healing and
recognizing sacredness.  In this space, is an honoring of the importance and
magnificence, of self.
   The body is manipulated through a gentle pulling and stretching, matching
movement with breath. Release usually comes at the bottom of the breath; it
is a dance with resistance. Once space is created other traditional
techniques can be used such as polarity and activation of pressure points on
the bone.  These pressure points hold memories of trauma and as they are
recognized, they are released.  Release creates more space and light,
allowing fluidity and grace to return to the body.
    Lomilomi creates deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit. It offers a
safe sacred place to witness our own truths in our body, therefore it is
often called temple or sacred lomilomi.
     My teacher says lomilomi is 99% entertainment and 1% spirit, it is true.
As my limbs were being pulled and stretched, I could feel my self relaxing,
my breathing slowing and I slipped into that special place between asleep
and awake. I could feel everything that was physically happening to my body,
but my mind was filled with a kaleidescope of colors and images.
     I felt a hand above my heart and was aware of a wave of love. It felt like
it entered my heart and washed through my entire body.  While I was laying
there completely relaxed and enjoying the whole experience there was a
sudden shift, a feeling of being connected to something higher. It is always
an elusive shift, no way of knowing when its going to happen , but all of a
sudden spirit shows up and one is completely amazed by the expansion of
     As this expansion showed up for me, I was reminded of my own sacredness,
my own spirit, and in that, came some very deep emotional healing. That
night I went home and spent the whole night sighing. My husband kept asking
me what was wrong. I said  ‘Aaaahhh…absolutely nothing.’
     Each lomilomi session is authentic, which means it cannot be replicated.
Many of the movements are the same and the intent is the same, but because
it is guided by spirit it will be unique each time. It  is steeped in rich
Hawaiian tradition and profound wisdom, one must experience lomilomi to
truly know it.