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Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapa'au


Mahalo for allowing me to share with you today the experience of the Ka
La Hui. Hopefully some of you will venture over to the Big Island, take
the journey with Harry and all those who arrive at the Yoga Oasis. As
soon as you make the decision to sign up your journey will begin. A
worthwhile adventure it will be.
   Many times I've been asked the reason for my attending so many of
Harry's workshops in the course of only a year. Almost without fail I
say I don't know. Truthfully, during the process of attending the
workshops I didn't know, I wouldn't discover the answer to that until
the end of the year's time.
    The story I tell will be similar to so many of you. The names might
be changed and the troublesome folks in our lives different, but as
people walking the earth we experience like things. I'll start my story
in 2007 with a decision to sell a business I owned. The business
previously owned by my father and began in 1977. I worked in the
business from the beginning as a 19 year old kid. During the entire
time I worked at the job there were serious issues of employee emotional abuse by
my dad, but as a young person I felt powerless to do anything about it.
I won"t fill in too much concerning the interim years other than I got
married, raised 2 children, graduated from college, worked full-time
and lived the super mom life many woman choose for themselves. As a lot
of do women I put a lot of pressure on myself to make everyone else
happy and forget to consider themselves in the mix.
  My father owned the business up until 1998 when my husband and I
purchased it from him with the promise he would retire within 6 months.
He did not leave the business at any point and bullied me as well as my
employees for the entire 9 years I owned and managed the operation.
Telling him to stop or leave only made his behavior worse and meaner.
Unfortunately he owned the property the business existed on and in 2006
he decided he wanted to sell the property and we need to move. At the
time we did not have the financial means to move to another location.
Cost of rent or real estate too high for us to consider a move. So, the
choice my husband and I made turned out to be sell it to someone. A
buyer came along within 6 weeks of the time he put the property up for
sale. Off I moved my employees and equipment to a new building.
Relieved the responsibility for the entire business no longer mine.
   I worked for a few months for the new owner, but as in many
business sales the previous owner and new owner have different ways of
looking at how a business should be run. So I worked for him for only 9
months at that time, then a few months later I worked for him for
another 18 month stint. During this period of time I began to work on
my health and body issues. Years of sitting and working, stress of
owning a business and raising a family had definitely taken a toll on
me. My weight ballooned up to 220 lbs and I started having near
fainting incidents. During much of my life I participated in athletics,
so at the age of 51 I reached back to that to start writing a new and
improved chapter in my life. The massage therapist I went to at that
time just mentioned one session he thought about trying a gluten free
diet, he asked if I'd ever done that. No, I answered, but for some
reason It stuck in my head. I started to research the benefits of the
change in eating habit and found nothing but positive reasons to go
that direction. So I began my 3 year road to change. During the next few
months with walking, cycling, weight training and a lot of sweating I
lost 60 Lbs, My health and attitude improved markedly.
  After approximately 18 months the same therapists friend told him
about Harry so he attended a day of a workshop at EastWest bookstore In
Seattle. I spoke to him during a session and he told me about Harry, It
sounded like something I wanted to know more about. The next day I
traveled over to the bookstore to buy the book, all sold out.
Disappointed I ordered it and received a week later. That first day I
read the whole book and had no idea what he was talking about. I'll bet
a lot of you felt the same way. I subsequently read it 5 more times and
signed up for my first Haumana. The description sounded darn good to
me. What did I know?  The stage had been set for the next year.
    My first Haumana took place at Yoga Oasis on the Big Island Hawaii.
What a freaky trip!  The day it started I felt so nervous and had no
idea what to expect. I met Harry for the first time that morning. I sat
down on the floor cautiously checking out what everyone else did to get
comfortable.  Up walked Harry to shake my hand, now this wasn't your
average handshake. As he shook my hand he asked me what kind of work I
did. I responded "I'm a dental technician, I make dentures", the next
comment blew me away. "you know you're not going to do that anymore".
Wha? My first 30 seconds with Harry led to the next year with Harry and
all of the amazing people I'd meet from all over the world, sharing
with them during the workshops. Everyone single person stood out as an
individual and unique creation. No one anymore valuable than the other.
Stories, tears, hugs, tears, sharing, tears, dreaming, tears, sharing
previous days work, tears. So much flushing to be lush. I had never
ever attended a workshop of any kind during my adult life and here I
sat at what many consider a 24 hour a day processing of each days work.
It's no wonder we only meet for 5-6 hrs. a day. I made it through the
week experiencing many new and at the time I thought just slightly woo
woo techniques. All I knew is that I went through unfamiliar feelings
and intense, somewhat uncomfortable, changes throughout the week.
    Between classes I traveled over to Pu'uhonua to experience the
vibes there and at the time had no clue what I'd do there a year later.
   During the 3 weeks I'd spend there during my first trip I had a
week off before attending a Intensive lomilomi class at Kalani retreat
with Harry.  During that class a lot of literally crazy stuff happened.
Many people started the class and a few did not finish. Learned a lot
from a partner I had for 2 days with mental health issues. She will be
forever be known to me as papaya girl. The end of the week brought an
earthquake, Tsumani warning and volcanic eruption. Just your average
night on the Puna side. The last day of class all were in a bit of a
dither. Stories of the night's experience shared and Faye made cookies
in the middle of the night to calm the nerves. The lightest time I'd
have with Harry happened this week the more intense times were to come.
  I left after 3 weeks not really sure what heck just happened all I
knew is I felt a change coming on. Really didn't want to go home to
face what was there. Turns out wherever I go I'll be there, change and
growth for me can only be done by me. Once home I attended another
Friday night short session in Seattle and had a profound trance
experience that night. Thought I left the room, but came back from it
and realized I went somewhere and never left the building. A week later
went up to Bellingham with a friend to Wise Awakenings bookstore. Well
somehow in between Seattle and Bellingham I signed up for the Haumana
in Bellingham.
  The haumana in Bellingham turned out to be a incredible time. I met
a group of people I still see on a regular basis and have bonded with
through the work we have done together. At that workshop I seemed to
hear more clearly what each individual said. The time with the
participants struck me as the highlight of of my time there. Harry of
course taught us many things only 7 minutes max of which I can
remember. The issues with my dad started to come out some during this
weeks work, before that I only had looked at myself.
  I think it was a week or so later I went to a Ho'oponopono in
Olympia met some more wonderful people. By this time I was very
exhausted and according to Harry it takes 90 days to process what
happens at a Haumana I attended 2 in 6 weeks time, do the math it'll
take 180 days to get through this. Holy cow!! what have I done. I would
leave with so much personal work to do. During my time in Hawaii I
decided to go to massage school and begin a new career. Not easy for me
to change into a new career I fought it and ultimately the universe won
out, I attended. Hadn't been in any kind of school since 1980, so
confidence level not too high. A friend helped me to hang in there
during my time in school and his support will never be forgotten.
During my time in school what really held me back was my drive to seek
approval from my father for every decision made. I actually wasn't even
aware I did this and it also carried over into any situation where I
thought a person had authority over me. Many of us seek approval from
those around us and we don't need to. Can even put the other person
into an uncomfortable position when they don't feel like they're in
authority over you.  So much to learn and many habits to break.
Breaking away from my dad's ways a struggle but very worth it.
   Throughout the summer of 2011 I worked through the changes I was
experiencing and the family relationships in flux. In September I
attended a Ho'oponopono again in Olympia and it turned out to be very
intense. Many of the attendees having their first time with Harry. Most
didn't know what they came for and left highly affected. I started to
look into my family background to see how that all affected the way I
    The most challenging experience came in November at the yoga oasis.
I started for me even before I arrived. Traveled to the volcano 3 times
before the workshop even started. A friend came in a couple of days
before class started to do some fun stuff before the workshop, but I
wasn't too much fun. So much pre-workshop apprehension. I faced head-on
the parts of me resembling my dad. Jealousy, rage, anger, fear, shame
all reared their heads. Harry told us that up to 90% of the negative
aspects in us come from someone else. In other words the emotions they
want us to take over for them. These things don't get into our hearts
and souls because they are not us, simply borrowed and ready to be
passed out. An intense time that carried over in a big way even at
home. My inner child yelled at me loudly and fiercely during my time
there and for 6 weeks after.  Listen to me please and see who you are
away from your father, see yourself and value all you are.
    I received a dream on the Thursday night of the workshop. My severed head
alive on a glass table and my beating heart below on the floor. My eyes
looked down at the heart not knowing what to do with it. After that I
became obsessed with this dream knowing that I needed to break the
glass to stop being confused and move on with my life. I had a really
upsetting encounter with a friend at the end of the year and I knew
then breaking through had to be done. But breaking through what to
where I didn't know. Up to this time I had been trying to feel with my
head and mind, no connection to my heart. Any pain I felt magnified by
any sign of being unacceptable to someone close to me. I constantly
misinterpreted things people would say and do. I went to a session with
a friend and an amazing thing happened during a trance my heart started
pounding, my chest started to hurt and my ribs felt like they were
breaking. Seemed like a heart attack or something. It lasted for maybe 2
minutes and after it ended I felt incredible. It was as if my heart
needed more room to expand. To Love myself I needed to connect heart,
mind, and body. For so long I protected my heart. Didn't know if you
open up your heart it can't be hurt. Once this happened I started to
see more clearly my husband and all he did for us through the years.
We've been together for almost 33 years and grown up with each other.
Our creation is our love, our family, our home. He has supported me
throughout the past year in my new pursuits and I'm highly grateful for
that. If you have a spouse or supportive significant other thank them
for it.  He knows what I do with Harry and the circle I take part in is
now a part of who I am. I greatly value all those I'm met during the
past year and hope to continue to see all of you at upcoming events.
  I wish I could put down all the names of the people in my circles
but not possible. The Bellingham group especially.
  The story doesn't end here it only begins. I went on an incredible
journey with Harry, Sila and 16 others. A Ka La Hui is kind of
difficult to put words to. I isn't about the mind but the heart and
belly take precedence.  Clearing your lines and blessing you with
receiving what you ask for. All the work I did before I left put me in
a place to receive the blessing of the complete removal of all my dad's
stuff. I am now wholly me. Free to pass a new family story to my
descendants. An amazing privilege. In fact when I returned home my
father met with me and told me of his guilt and paranoia surrounding
the things he did when he pushed us to sell our business. Never before
had he admitted to any of this. The trip to Pu'uhonua well worth it,
not that it took much effort during my time in Hawaii. A beautiful time
with beautiful people growth as individuals and a time of dignity,
inclusion, most of all love. ALOHA.
   You see why I needed to do it so quickly. Divinity knew I could
handle it and had a plan for my dad in 2012 so hyper speed for my
healing. Of course growth is ongoing we can never stop discovering more
and more of who we are. Magnificent creations we are.


What Lomilomi means to me
1.Spirit witnessing in the timeless now, itself evolving through time and space.
2. Soverenity realized. Radiant light being in action, truth realized.
3. Body surfing,
    Riding waves of light!
    Imploding thought forms
    Infinite depths within
4. To know that I am never alone pray for HELP - say it like you mean it!
5. It is the giver, receiver and Halau guardians divine dance of will that shifts beleif systems, restructuring DNA molecules enlightening earthly and other realms.
6. An inner/out-of-body experience.
7. I DON'T KNOW - ha, ha, ha....haaaaaaaaaaaaaa
   With Great Gratitude to Harry, Sila, Keani, Jamie, Karen, Sue, Vivian, Joyce, Patsy, Randy
Aloha Nance


Lomilomi means to me
 It means I have the freedom to express myself from within the essence of my soul. The fun loving child can once again guide me to my own Happiness. It means that my children will experience a fuller life, blossoming, into their own wholeness. It means that PEACE, is near.
                              R.M.  Ontario, Canada


A way of "life"
A way of being everyday
Holding my space. Speaking and acting with certainty, allows for tri-unity, preseverence to all without judgement..
     by: unknown


For me, Lomilomi has come to mean - the Heart of Allowing - ourselves to Be 'Enough'. There is a common term "less is more". Well, I have found Lomilomi to be a realm where less is plenty and more, is more - and more, and more, and more - as far as the inner eye can see, and the heart allows to receive.

Being introduced to and welcomed into the realm of Lomilomi has  been very empowering. Releasing the guilt, confusion and [dis]stress that sometimes comes from contact with the outside world has been quite freeing. Lomilomi allows a connection to a wisdom spoken silently in a language only itself understands; and it's silence speaks volumes. Lucky for us, Uncle Harry is willing to translate that language and has masterfully articulated it to an understanding of unconditional love, total support and the peace that comes from Unity of Self. It is a peace that does not come from the absence of stress, but from one of Great Presence; the Presence of the Divine. I have found Lomilomi to be a state of Being; a state of Grace - Thundering Grace. A state who's radiance is magnified through the profound presence of Love Itself.

And so, I have come to realize that Lomilomi is quietly and simply life - loving itself; creating Heaven on Earth. An Angel, Star of Life. The only requirement is to accept that you are 'enough' so that your heart may be open to receive and participate in the ever expanding Divine Light of Aloha that comes through Lomilomi.  M.D.  MINNIWAWA, OHIO


Lomilomi to me is a chosen lifestyle. A lifestyle of authenticity, healing form the heart and non-judgemental love for self and others. To live and be true now and forever
A- ala
L- lokahi
O- oiaio
H- haahaa
A- ahonui
    Bonnie Jones LMT  Kailua, Kona, Hawaii


lomilomi is healing from the heart through the hands and breath. it is creating a space for spirit to come in and do the real profound work. calling on the light and support of the bodiless healers we act as vessels through which their powers can flow and cause miraculous change. 
        FILIP  TKACZYK   


Lomilomi is love unconditional love. That's right, no strings attached no akas either.It is a sacred space beyond what anyone could build with the mightiest of machines. It is a foundation with four pillars of strength. Laulima, creating space, Po'o and bone washing and the breath of HA.
  It's strength is powerful. It's power so great because the space is an extension of the heart, a heart that is humming the purest of vibrations. A heart that extends out through arms and into hands Loving hands, unconditionally loving. To hold and support hands that " know" because they come from the heart. Yes, lomilomi is LOVE.    JENNIFER WEINERT    PAPAIKOU, HAWAII





Some of the things that lomilomi means to me. Lomilomi means that I am now able to understand a Hawaiian system of healing which teaches that you are not healing the person on the table but that through the lomilomi process or practice you are healing yourself and that the benefits of healing yourself can be passed on to the person on the table through the different applications of lomilomi. It was important for me to learn that god only  needs to showup for a moment but I need to be fully present for the entire session. I learned many other important things but while I was writing this morning I was asked to tell you not to confuse christ  conciousness with religious christianity. Religious christianity requires you to go to a place usually called the Church. Christ conciousness requires you to go to the temple within where the christ conciousness dwells.You go to the temple within at any moment you choose. It is not only the authentic place to go but its services are available at all times-not just Sundays or Wednesday or Christmas or Easter holidays. it is fine for you to attend a church with friends and relatives for the fellowship but you need to be aware that religions are dogmatic (man made) institutions operated on a business like basis.  They also lean toward judging those who do not attend their services and other functions and contribute financially to keep the business going. They are sometimes Charitable institutions that do good things in a material way for some people but they do not seem to understand what spirituality is all about so they are unable to teach the masses to go within to the true temple of the Christ. The dogmatic churc has misinterpreted and misconstrued the messages in the Bible either accidentally or on purpose in order to have control and power over the masses. But now the Divine being of the universe has snt forth its army of Light Workers to alert the masses to the Christ Conciousness   within and the shift in conciousness is well on its way throughout the entire planet. That is why we are coming together in groups like this to assist in the transformation.


Lomilomi means to me:
  Bodywork in the sacred circle.
Resonating in Bliss, Connection through touch and witnessing. Given receiver in the spiral of growth, expansion. Intuition embodied.
  Thank you for bringing Lomilomi into my life, Harry and Sila  Love River


Workshop with Harry Jim October 2006
"Halau is a group of Hawaiian beings who will be on this earth forever. They are entertained by the emotional evolution and they will always come. Halau calls on you with a gratitude attack. It comes without warning, always in silence."
Just reading this statement brings on a gratitude attack.
My Aunt Helen called and I told her that I had been in Hawaii. She was very excited. When I told her that I went to study Kahuna Healing her voice became different like maybe I had told her that I was a faith healer or something. She said, with a bit of challenge in her voice. "What can you cure?"
I felt the gratitude attack.
I replied with no hesitation, "Everything! What needs curing?"
She said that she had no discs in her neck. I said, "Do you have pain?" She said, "No, I finally found a chiropractor who has been able to adjust me until I feel comfortable."
I said, "So you are not feeling pain and you can move your neck?"
"Do you have anything else that bothers you?"
She said, "No, I?m in pretty good shape."
I said, "O.K. then."
I was feeling very grateful and not a bit uncertain. I was grateful for her call and even for her uncertainty about what I do. It was my opportunity to feel the difference between how certain I feel now and how uncertain I felt in the past before the class.
The words in the Halau Uhane Lomi Lomi Lapa?au Declarations, "I commit the energy of certainty to the abundance and perfection of my intuition, as I am radiant in the light of Aloha" did not occur to me until I read these words the next day and realized that is what I had emotionally felt during the phone call from my aunt, "the energy of certainty".
I remember a wonderful moment in Hawaii when I was on the table for working with the Ha breath. I went into a blissful state of gratitude and became aware of the huge beings that had been called around us. They had the energy of loving parents, possibly our true parents, and they were gathered around all of us in the room, showering us with their presence, giving me a feeling of utter bliss and connection, a feeling of being taken care of like I was a little precious baby and that anything I did would be interpreted by them as wonderful. These must be the group of Hawaiian beings who will be on the earth forever. I gave my own children to them at that moment, gave them my responsibilities, my cares, realizing that these spiritual beings had unlimited love. I had the ultimate gratitude attack and happy tears flowed from my eyes.
I ?saw? the Halau and realized the simplicity of connecting with them.
Last Tuesday I taught a workshop on using Spirit Art to Discover Your Aura.
One of my intentions was to conduct the workshop in such a way that everyone present could understand how to get out of their conscious mind and into the manifestation mind of allowing. I worked with the space of the room, calling on the flow of energy of higher beings to be present. I told the class to draw with their eyes closed. I told them the story of my grandson who asked me to draw a horse for his class.
I told my grandson that he would draw the horse with his eyes closed. I said, "Just draw and don?t worry about the horse. I will find the horse in your drawing." After he had enough charcoal on the canvas we looked at the drawing and sure enough, there was a horse running across the top of the picture, mane and tail flowing, hoofs flashing. He was amazed at himself. I gave him paints and told him to paint the picture. We found three tipis in the picture and decided that it was a dream someone in the tipi was having. He said, "Grandma, this is going to be great. We are studying Indians in class." I told him that sometimes you just have to start doing what you want to do and everything else will fall into place.
In the workshop, after the first drawing where they drew with eyes closed to gather confidence, I had them draw a second picture of their own auras. Everyone was amazed at what was coming through. One woman showed her picture to me and I saw two men in her picture, one on each side of her. They were very clear and she recognized the one on the right side of the picture as being her father. She said, "I did not see these faces until you pointed them out. Now they are very clear." Then a few minutes later she came back and said she had lost them again. I showed them to her once more and told her not to worry. They are there and will appear if you just allow yourself to see them.
We divided into groups of four. I had the class draw for each other. During this entire class I was holding the space like I had seen Harry hold the space for the lomi lomi class.
When we were finished one of the people in class said, "I noticed that you were giving us energy during this entire workshop that enabled us do this."
The truth is that I was connecting with the energy of the wonderful beings that had come when they were called with grace and gratitude.
I truly felt blessed to be able to go to Hawaii and to study with Harry Jim. The workshop has had an ?ineffable? affect on my life.

Bonnie White